Goblin Thunder Sport 700 Crash Kit


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This is a kit comprised of the most commonly broken parts in an average crash. As you know, some crashes can break just about everything! However, this is what we feel is likely going to break in an average crash and get you back up and in the air easily.Since there are a few parts that do not always break, we created some options to go along with the kit. A canopy, boom, etc. so you can customize this crash kit to your liking!Included:Thunder Sport G10 Frames (H0931-S) x 2Futaba Style Servo Arms (HA050-S) x 1Tail Fin (H0684-S) x 1Main Blade Linkages (H0417-S) x 1Blade Grip Arms (H0183BM-S) x 1Uniball Set (H0064-S) x 1Threaded Rod For Swash Linkages (HC140-S) x 1Plastic Ball Linkages (H0066-S) x 1NOTE: This kit comes with Thunder Sport 700 specific parts, primarily the main blade grip arms which are tailored to the wider HPS hub that comes with the Thunder Sport 700.

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