Specter 700 V2 Kit


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XLPower Specter 700 V2 Helicopter Kit Without Blades

We’ve spent the last year and a half designing and testing a new 700 for all pilots. This helicopter brings you excellent 3D performance, a simplified build and maintenance processes, a robust and long lasting lightweight 700 platform for everyone. We worked together with world champion pilots and continuously made improvements to bring you the XLPower Specter V2.

With the rotor head lowered by 10mm compared to the Specter V1, the helicopter benefits from improved vertical mass distribution and agility. Like it’s predecessor, the Specter V2 rotor head consists of double row angular contact bearing rotor head for incomparable bearing life and smooth operation. The Specter V2 also does away with tailboom supports and instead opts for a with 32mm diameter tail boom for a cleaner look and extremely rigid design. the third shaft bearing support arrangement has been simplified, making rotor head installation and removal much easier and faster.

The battery tray design has been completely revamped. It loads from the rear, effectively removing the need to remove the canopy to install the LiPo pack. An optional upgrade offers a built in connector in the tray, so when you insert the battery the helicopter powers up.

The gyro tray has been moved to the front, making wiring easier and cleaner, and reducing vibration transfer to the gyro.

The Specter V2 also has a wider and lower landing gear which helps reduce tipovers during autorotations and rough landings.

The Specter V2 comes default with a wide 8mm custom tail belt with extreme long life. In addition, the size of the tail belt pulleys has been increased, from 80T/16-17T to 100T/20-21T, which significantly reduces bending radius of the belt improving belt life and reducing belt drag and power loss, which can especially be noticed during autorotations.

The V2 comes with the same durable 15mm thick main gear as the V1 airframe, and can optionally be upgraded to an ultra heavy duty 18mm gear for a nearly indestructible power train.

One of the more noticeable changes on the Specter V2 is the tail control rod, which has been moved to the top of the tail boom. This allows the tail servo to be mounted as high as possible, once again improving on the vertical Center of Gravity. It is mounted directly opposite the center cyclic servo, offering a clean symmetrical look.

Like the Specter V1, the V2 has a simple one piece billet aluminum tail box. The design has been optimized for easy assembly, quick maintenance and low part count. A new super lightweight tail fin also helps reduce unneeded weight. The Specter V2 comes stock with a 21T rear pulley offering a 4.76:1 ratio, and can be upgraded to a 20T pulley for even better tail performance. Because of the larger pulleys, the tooth contact on the belt is higher which greatly reduces the chance of tail belt slip on extreme tail loads and reversals.

We are extremely excited to bring to you the Specter V2, an extremely flexible platform for everyone from collective pitch beginners to extreme 3D pilots.

(1) XLPower Specter 700 V2 Helicopter Kit (Rotor Blades Not Included)
(3) 25T Aluminum Servo Horns (Futaba Style)
(1) Foam Blade Holder

Required for Flight:

(1) 7+ Channel Transmitter
(1) Receiver
(1) Flybarless Flight Controller
(3) Cyclic Servos
(1) Rudder Servo
(1) Brushless Motor (4525 or Similar)
(1) 12S+ HV ESC
(1) Rotor Blade Set (690mm – 710mm)
(1) Tail Rotor Blade Set (105mm – 115mm)
(2) LiPo Batteries (6S or 7S / 5000mAh / 5500mAh)


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